Long Lasting
There are numerable factors which make Yasin Bricks as the Numero Uno Brick manufacturer. It is its ability to combine the right mix of ingredients to produce perfect bricks of great strength and durability lasting generations together.

Colour of Life
The intense color of the bricks add a significant aesthetic value. Uniformity and saturated color is an important factor when the design demands facial or internal applications. The bricks produced by Yasin maintain the same hue and coloration as they are manufactured using European machinery.

Less water absorbtion
Yasin bricks has less water absorbtion quality as they have been fired at the right temperatures by the experts giving it compact finish. This factor makes Yasin bricks for all facia and external applications.

We fire the bricks in the kiln with specially imported Indonesian coal and it is fired at the temperature of 900'c to 950'c to get great strength and good colour and no brick manufacturer does this because of the cost of the coal is very high. Yasin always gives priority to quality not the cost.